Massage Therapy Benefits Your Body

Massage Therapy benefits are numerous – your body will thank you!

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Shawn Bates – Owner Body Benefits

Body Benefits offers several kinds of professional massage therapy in Tucson. We have pride in the noticeable  “therapy” that stems from our training and years of experience as therapists. Our service is designed to help your body ailments and improve your mobility and strength.

We have a holistic approach to our in home massage. We can easily manage ” just a pampering session, “. Please note: OUR therapists have over ten years of work experience and continue their training and focus to remain up on the latest skills and therapies available to work on particular issues such as a migraine or tension headaches, sciatic issues, lymphedema, and much more.  That is why many homebound clients are greatly appreciative of the customer care we strive to achieve in our mobile massage service.

These include deep-tissue, Swedish, sports massage, lymphatic drainage, neuromuscular therapy and corporate stress reduction. We want to increase our client base and work with you as well.  We tailor our Tucson-based mobile massage therapy service specifically to your needs. We have several highly-trained and licensed therapists available. They can make any occasion that much more relaxing and beneficial.


Why do people call Body Benefits?
They know our skilled massage therapy helps. We relieve tension, pain, stress, h
eadaches, back pain, carpal tunnel, TMJ, and more.

Your comfort and convenience is very important to us!

We currently have one office location in Tucson, Arizona with a mobile service within and around greater Tucson. With advance notice, we also travel outside the Tucson metropolitan area.

We Can Come to YOU!
Where are you staying? Whether at a ranch, hotel, resort, at a private home, a bed and breakfast inn or corporate offices, our Tucson mobile service travels to you.

Hours of Availability:
Massage therapists are available 8AM-9PM. Extended hours are available when scheduled at least 48 hours in advance.

Learn massage therapy from Tucson Massage SchoolsOwner / Manager: Shawn Bates – Bachelor of Science (Business Administration). Other Credentials: LMT, CNMT

Insurance provided by AMTA

Our Rates:
A minimum individual appointment is one hour. Three or more people: 1/2 hour minimum. Our rates start at $75/hour at our office locations, or $85/hour on-site at your home, hotel or office.

Feel Better!
A therapeutic massage from Body Benefits helps relieve stress. This may be from muscle pain, pinched nerve, and possibly tension headaches. Shawn has a team of fully trained therapists with a medically-inspired and professional “pain relief”‘ attitude. They always make that “extra effort” to make sure you receive relief from their treatments.